Specialty Services

Medical Delivery Services

We are equipped to handle the delivery of medical supplies and equipment, pharmaceuticals and lab work with specially-trained drivers offering stat deliveries, custom routes and dedicated specialty services.



Health Insurance
Portability &
Accountability Act

All On Time Delivery personnel are trained on HIPAA Privacy Standards.

Bio-Hazardous Spill Procedures

Drivers within our Medical Division carry biohazard spill kits and are trained in company procedures concerning biohazard spills.

JCAHO Billing Processes

Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations

Upon request, as needed, On Time Delivery offers additional online order entry and invoicing formats to meet the JCAHO billing processes.


We are trained for this

In addition to general delivery service training, our drivers learn important
practices and procedures to support medical deliveries:

  • HIPAA Privacy Standards
  • How to handle OSHA required spill kits
  • JCAHO compliant, in particular, complete chain of custody record including real time Proof of Delivery
  • Use of three (3) compartment coolers (Room Temperature, Refrigerated and Freezer)


A variety of delivery solutions tailored to you


We offer on-demand, scheduled, and dedicated delivery services 24/7.

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Talk to our Customer Support Team to learn more about our customized courier services for your medical delivery needs.